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Switching to PayPal

After four years of being raped by the banks, yeah I'm talking about you Chase, I'm switching to PayPal. Online store, TNG PRODUCTS will now use PayPal to process your online orders.

What does that mean to you? Nothing. You enter your credit card as usual. What does that mean to me? I have more money to invest in new product development. 

This change goes into effect on October 1st. Any products bought by end of day, Sunday the 29th will be awarded a 20% discount! Just enter this promotional code at checkout: buhbyechase 

Tee hee

Thanks for supporting my little green company! 

10-year anniversary of 9-11

NYC Police officers & fire fighters are not invited to the 10th anniversary of 9/11 at Ground Zero.  Apparently there isn't enough room. They weren't invited on that day in 2001 either; THEY JUST SHOWED UP. Please post to your Facebook profile if you think those heroes belong there more than the Politicians - I just did.

Facebook shuts down our fan page for the 4th time!

After experiencing a record acceleration of fans of the totally nude girl™ brand on Facebook, we were shutdown on Friday for objectional content. Apparently, Facebook does not like quotes from the Buddha or our depiction of natural beauty. Black Friday indeed. Over 100 new fans a day LIKE'd us! And, we had exceeded 6300 fans. If you were a fan, thank you for your support. You can still read inspiring quotes and hear about new products and promotions by subscribing to this blog and by following us on twitter @totallynudegirl

Thank you for your loyalty to TNG PRODUCTS and for your continued support of green companies with a conscience.  

Muff Buff™ named one of the most unique and MUST HAVE products for Honeymooners

That's right!  TNG's Après Brazil Muff Buff™ was chosen one of the most unique and MUST HAVE products for Honeymooners! 

Well, you fans already know it's a must have.  And, I hope you are continuing to use your Muff Buff as part of your normal shower routine.  

For you newbies to TNG -- summer is here!   Time to get your bikini line waxed!  Whether you are taking it all off, or leaving a landing strip, you need a Muff Buff immediately!

To celebrate Après Brazil Muff Buff™ receiving this honor from, I'm offering 15% off the purchase of any Muff Buff or Beard Buff purchase through April 30th at midnight EST at TNG PRODUCTS. No minimum purchase. Enter this code at checkout: HONEYMOONS

And, if you're planning a honeymoon, see their site for some great tips!

Valentine's Day special

To celebrate honorary totally nude girl *PINK* get 15% off till V-Day! ♥ No min purch. Enter Code: PINKISYUMMY


How about PINK at the Grammy's, huh?  If you haven't seen it, check it OUT!  She is the BOMB!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Hi, totally nude fans!

Here's hoping that you have a grand holiday with family/friends/loved ones! 
And, don't forget what it's all about. 

Yeah, the food is great! 

But, it's all about giving thanks and appreciating the bounty of your life -- in all of its manifestations!


Pink & Yummy!

Very excited to talk to you about my Pink & Yummy! 

For Breast Cancer Awareness month, I am featuring the definitive 'pink' products -- totally nude girl™ style -- Pink & Yummy Body Crème and Pink & Yummy Body Scrub

We are donating 10% of the sale of these 2 products from now until the end of this month to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation when you buy from the TNG PRODUCTS eStore. 

If you love the citrusy scent of a fresh pink grapefruit, wait til you open the jar and smell pure organic essential oil of pink grapefruit.  SO much better than the artificial fragrance found in the fancy department store and spa brands. 

Better to your nose, better for your body, better for the planet©

Rich organic shea butter makes our decadent body crème extra moisturizing!  Even the body scrub contains lots of shea butter for a creamier scrubbier bath experience.

Pink & Yummy!  Peel one open today!

Hard bodied girls!

Hi, all!

TNG's Après Brazil Muff Buff™ is not just for girlie girls!

Let me back up...

To tone up my candy ass, I've been training with Shari at Punch Kettle Bell Gym in Far Hills, NJ.  And, I'm
currently ¾ into their NJ Adventure Boot Camp program.  It rocks!

Punch Far Hills' owners, Shari & Val gave a Muff Buff™ to the license manager of parent company, Art of Strength who fell in love with it!  Of course.  Besides being great for keeping the bikini area bump and razor burn free, Muff Buff is FANTASTIC for body builders who are removing hair all over to show off their hard bodies!

Art of Strength is now featuring totally nude girl™ on their national website on the Women's Page.

Now bodybuilders can achieve smooth skin naturally -- nary a razor bump in sight!  
Best of all – Muff Buff is 100% natural… organic actually and vegan! 

Have you become a Facebook fan of totally nude girl yet?  What are you waiting for?! 

Pepe Le Pew! Getting Rid of Pet Odors Indoors

A FB fan asked me if I had any natural alternatives to room deodorizers to get rid of unwanted smells such as pet odors.  Here are a couple you can easily make at home from ingredients you probably already have.

Easy Natural Spray Deodorizer:

Here is my recipe for a great fabric and carpet deodorizer that you can use in place of Febreze.  Mix a cheap vodka & water in a 1:1 ratio in a spray bottle.  That’s it!  The alcohol causes it to evaporate quickly taking the odor with it. 

Like it scented?  Add a few drops of an essential oil like lavender (relaxing) or grapefruit (uplifting) which you can buy at the healthfood store.  

Wanna keep Fido or Kitty off the couch altogether?  Then spray 1:1 water:vinegar on your couch and your dog/cat will avoid it.  P-U!

For General Room Deodorizers, nothing works better than Baking Soda!

I hate when I go to someone's house and they have one of those plug-in air fresheners.  ACK!  Almost as bad is a cheap candle with a chemical fragrance! 

Instead, just sprinkle straight baking soda on your carpets and let it sit for a while before vacuuming.  Please note, if you have an expensive rug that is naturally dyed such as a Persian carpet, if you leave baking soda on for too long, it will lighten the color in that spot somewhat…  so don’t leave it on too long.  For everyday carpet, you can usually leave on overnight with no problems.  You can also use baking soda on furniture, but again, vacuum it up right away. 

And, if you have a really stinky pet problem, leave a hidden box of baking soda open in the room somewhere and it will naturally deodorize the air.  The same goes for a bowl of vinegar. 

Good luck!!!   And, give Fido & Kitty a big squeeze for me!

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