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Daylight Savings Time! It's here!

This is the big weekend to Spring Ahead! 

For some of you, it's an hour's sleep you won't catch up on till Fall.  But, for you sun worshippers,
this is the weekend you've been waiting for!  A chance to go out take a walk after dinner
while it's still light out.  Time to shake off winter's dust, stretch your bones and
get the hell outta the house already. 

It's time to try on clothes, and buy new shoes!  Stay up late, and dream of summer love. 
For some of you, that means taking care of business downtown!   I know the economy's
tanked but that doesn't mean you can't treat yourself once in awhile. 

And, Spring is the time! 

So, kickoff these warmer days and nights with some Spring rituals.  Treat yourself to one
of the following: a great haircut, a sexy pedicure, a smooth wax job!   If you can afford all three,
you're doing better than most.   So give your fine self a pat on the back for that!  
Enjoy these
evenings coming up... we're just getting started...

Me?  I'm longing for those really hot days when I can just lie on my back in the pool and simply float. 

Comment and tell me what you are most looking forward to this Summer.

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

If you really want to feel loved -- don't put so much emphasis on one day out of the year. 
Open your heart and let your love shine every single day.  To your loved ones.  To strangers. 
To whomever sells you your coffee in the morning.  Spread the love!!! 

I was buying makeup the other day -- cuz that's what nude girls do!!!  I was telling the sales girl
about TNG PRODUCTS and she told me her boyfriend shaves the hair on his back.  Well, Beard Buff
is perfect for that!  She was delighted!  Hope to see her comments here soon. 

Wanna pick up a gift of love for yourself?  Treat your Valentine self to a Muff Buff!  There is no one
more deserving of pampering than you!  Click on the logo above and be transported to our webstore.  
Don't forget, 10% of every sale every day goes to the charity, V-Day!  Of course! 
Check them out at

Please comment and tell me what you are planning for Valentine's Day.   Hope you have some lovey dovey plans!  If not, watch a romantic movie with a pint of ice cream and your favorite cat!  My beau is working so that's what I'm doing!  Later.



Valentine's Day is just two weeks away!

That's right!  Didn't it come up fast?!!!

So, whether ur buffing ur muff or buffing ur beard, it's time to think about getting smooth!   You don't wanna look like a teenager's face down THERE on the big night, so get busy!

Don't have a date for Valentine's Day?  Well, better to be prepared than surprised -- you might get lucky!  And, just knowing that you are glowing all over will make you irresistable in the next two weeks.

For those of you who know, you're probably already on the project!  But, for the uninformed, it's time to clean up your act!  Daily use of totally nude girl's Muff Buff and totally nude dude's Beard Buff will keep you smooth -- and irritation & bump free.   Click on the totally nude girl above and get your Buff delivered asap.

Beard Buff gets noticed!

Happy New Year!

The year of the OX!!!

I donated some Muff Buffs for Swag Bags at a Green Fashion show / "recyled fashion" book signing in NYC last week.  And, I included a new TNG Product for men: Beard Buff. 

Delighted to find a happy Beard Buff user's comment on my blog today! 

"Okay, so what is Beard Buff?" you ask.  It's like a Muff Buff -- but for men!  Lots of men remove their body hair.  Whether it's a head shaver, a body builder waxing his chest, or a dude who's into manscaping.  Beard Buff is the answer!  The ONLY 100% organic skin conditioner and bump preventer on the market.  Just use daily.  That's it. 

Beard Buff will now be sold on the totally nude girl commerce site which I am trying to launch today.  If only I could do that by snapping my fingers.  Okay, patience.  It's coming!!!

Thanks for that comment and stay tuned for more products!!!


Happy MLK, Jr Day!

hi, all!


Happy MLK, Jr Day!


Welcome back to my totally nude blog!  Busy as hell and getting many requests for Muff Buffs.  So, thank you Erin for writing to me here and prompting me to get it together and launch my online store already.  


I am slated to launch next week.  So please check back on this site then and click on the big tng on the left column and it should (if the gods are with me!) click through to my store. 


Have any of you ever launched an online business????  Holy crap!  Who knew it could look so easy and yet be so difficult.  I think the hardest part is all the decisions you have to make that all require research.  Who should host?  What shipper to use?  et cetera!  ACK!  I prefer to create totally nude products!  But, I know that I need to take care of business, too.  So, I'm on it!

If you find that the store is still not launched when you log on, just give me a few more days.  Means I'm still working the kinks out.   And, you know how kinks can be.  Thanks for your patience! 

Check back here for more news and announcements!


Wet or Dry?

hi, all!

Welcome back!  Been so busy, I keep forgetting that I need to add to this blog.  Lots of good things happening with TNG PRODUCTS.  And, many of you are loving your new Muff Buff!  Thought I would answer a question here that came up on MySpace regarding Muff Buff in case others of you are wondering the same thing.

Wet or Dry? 
Someone wrote in asking, "TNG, should I let my Muff Buff dry out completely between uses for best results?"  

ANSWER: Your choice!  If you like it scratchy, then by all means, hang it up to dry out completely between uses.  Some prefer it a little mushy for a softer scrub.  I fall into the latter category.  But, everyone is different.  Some have coarser hair than others.  If you have a tough muff, you may like the added friction of a drier Buff.  
Experiment and see what you like and what works best for you.

Is a dry Buff more hygienic than a wet Buff? 
"TNG, does a wet Buff pose any health issues?"  

ANSWER:  Not at all.  So glad you asked this.  I specifically chose ayate fiber because of its mildew resistant properties.  Also, the naturally antiseptic ingredients in the cleansing bar ward off germs in the same way that it helps heal your skin.  So relax.    Of course, don't be a knucklehead.  If you live in a humid climate and your bathroom gets no ventilation and even your towels are damp the next day, you don't want to leave your Muff Buff sitting in water-logged soapdish.  Hang it to dry in that scenario especially if you don't use it for a few days.  The rest of you are FINE.


Shout out to the uninitiated:  If you are currently removing any body hair, please tell me what method of hair removal you use, where you are removing it, and what you do to combat the icky side effects.  Don’t worry.  I’m not gonna tell anyone. 

If you are a Muff Buff addict, please comment here goddamnit!  Newbies wanna know what all the buzz is about.

Have a great holiday season and remember: a smooth Muff is sometimes the best gift of all.  
Happy Buffing!


Launching my 1st blog w/ the debut of Muff Buff

hi, all!

I’m so excited to finally be writing to you on my blog!  Was holding off til i could get my shit together w/ Muff Buff and while there is still much 2 b done, i figured WTF? Why not start writing anyway?  I’m a fanatical texter, so if I include some txt abbreviations sprinkled throughout my blog, forgive me.  I’m a totally busy nude girl and i need to save time somewhere.

I began all this madness a few years ago when i began developing my own organic skin care products.  I found my biggest problem wasn't keeping my skin soft but trying to manage my bush come summer time.  Summer turns to winter & winter to spring -- let's face it -- it's a year round project!  If you’re into the cleancut look like me, you know all the problems associated w/ hair removal: the rash, the burn, the bumps, the ingrown hairs.  ICK!  And, then there are the “remedies" to solve these problems… those stinging, burning, smelly creams.   OW—AH!   Plus, im not really into using chemicals in or on my body.  i try to keep it natural.  all those creams that’r supposed to keep the bumps at bay are full of nasty chemical-y ingredients.  im not putting that shit on my holiest of holies! (nod to Quentin!)

Anywho, i invented Muff Buff specifically to solve my problems.  Its an organic alternative to what’s already out there and it works great!  It’s the neo-luddite solution to getting a smooth muff and you can use it anywhere on the body that you remove hair: underarms, legs, lip, chin, muff – wherev.  You will luv it! 

Hey, if you are currently removing any body hair, please tell me what method of hair removal you use, where you are removing it, and what you do to combat the icky side effects.  Don’t worry.  I’m not gonna tell anyone.  if u r currently using muff buff, please comment and tell me how you like it.

That’s all for now, girls!  Welcome to my totally nude blog!


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